About us

We are on the Polish market since 2004.

During this time, we have gained knowledge and experience in the field of employment and leasing of employees from abroad. In over a dozen years, we dealt with trade and various types of services. We have gained a wide range of competences in the field of outsourcing, so that our clients can focus on their goals and increase the flexibility of their activities .We provide our clients resources that they don't have and this guarantee a reduction of costs and more effective financial control. We improve the quality of services and offer professional service for the entire process.

We have a highly qualified recruitment department, whose employees are native speakers of Ukrainian and Russian, which is a huge advantage in the recruitment process of employes from the east and allows us reliable selection of staff. The language barrier is not a problem. All the formalities associated with the selection of the candidate, organization of his arrival in the country and cooperation are without any problems. The recruiters are fully focused on planning staffing needs and administering the recruitment process of new employees and the process of their implementation into the company.

The human resources department in our organizational structure, directly under the management, carries out employee documentation with the currently applicable standards. Work time settlement based on specialized designs and schemes provide us with reliable results in the administration of processes related to the employment.

We have a well-developed trade department, which, thanks to cooperation with domestic and foreign job agencies, acquires contacts that provide us with the opportunity to provide the most beneficial financial solutions for our clients.

We are a member of the Warsaw Chamber of Commerce and we operate in accordance with the law. We have gained the trust of our clients who show satisfaction with the services we provide to them and are happy to come back to us. Customer trust is our priority, which is the reason why we make every effort to ensure that our experience has a real impact on the goals and results.

We work with the best ...

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